Additional datasets in Destinations & Improved Manual Subscriptions β€” 5 October 2023

New datasets are available in Object Storage services and Data Warehousing destinations.

  • Source Data
    • Contacts πŸ†• 
    • Currency Rates
    • Custom Attributes
    • Customers πŸ†•
    • Invoice Line Items πŸ†•
    • Invoices πŸ†•
    • Plans πŸ†•
    • Subscription Events πŸ†•
    • Tags 
    • Transactions πŸ†•
    • Data Sources πŸ†•
  • Calculated Data
    • Customers
    • MRR Movements

Datasets in your destination are now grouped in a more meaningful way. The name/path change allows ChartMogul to increase the number of datasets available to sync to destinations.

Existing customers that have destinations setup, now have duplicated data in their Destinations. We will continue syncing data to both name/paths: <prefix>_chartmogul_data and in <prefix>_chartmogul_source_data and <prefix>_chartmogul_calculated_data to avoid any disruptions in data sync. Legacy datasets, tables under the <prefix>_chartmogul_data, will be deprecated on 30/11/2023 and we will continue syncing tables from above to the tables under <prefix>_chartmogul_source_data <prefix>_chartmogul_calculated_data.

Additionally, we improved how you can add subscriptions manually.


The enhancements include:

  • Being able to quickly add subscriptions in bulk with CSV upload
  • Adding multiple active subscriptions to one customer profile
  • Choosing to have manual subscriptions contribute to cash flow charts

Learn more about adding manual subscription.

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