New customer profile look, stacking segments & improved API pagination — 17 November 2023

Based on your feedback, we redesigned the customer profile interface. The new design retains CRM functionality and enables viewing non-CRM elements on the timeline, making navigation easier.

New customer profile gif.gif


In addition to the new customer profiles, we added a 100% stack switch to charts for easy visualization of each segment’s contribution to the whole.

Stacked Charts gif.gif


Further, we introduced cursor-based API pagination. With new cursor-based API pagination, listing data via API is becoming faster and more performant.

Read more on new API pagination.



  • We no longer guarantee the record size of parts in storage-based destinations; files are now split based on their size, not on the 50k records mark.

  • The customer list tables have been updated to a new, modern design.


  • We have fixed a bug that caused incorrect results on charts with custom integer attributes.
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