Release Notes - Week ending 23rd Dec, 2016


  • No new features this week.


  • [Chargify only] Fixed a bug that caused churn to be recognized at the wrong date in some cases. The bug affected accounts that have their churn recognition setting set to "Recognize churn at the end of the paid-up billing period", and had subscribers that cancelled after going through a dunning process. Re-syncing the Chargify data source will allow the fix to take effect for historical data.
  • [API] We now accept an additional attribute named "account code" for Invoice Line Items in the Import API. If you have a specific Account Number or Code assigned to each line item that you sell, then you can pass that through while importing invoices into ChartMogul.
  • [API] Several enhancements to the List Customers endpoint, including the ability to filter by Data Source, Status, Billing System type and External ID.
  • Several enhancements to improve stability of the system.
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