Release Notes - Week ending 6th Jan, 2017 - NEW FEATURES


  • You can now create subscription plans in the app for any Import API data source. This is in addition to the ability to create plans via the API. We hope that this allows you to create plans more quickly and easily for use in importing invoices.


  • [API only] Fixed a bug that resulted in the wrong "status" being shown for some data sources when retrieved using the API.
  • [API only] Fixed a bug that incorrectly returned 25 results per page by default instead of 200, for the Retrieve all Plans endpoint.
  • [API only] Fixed an issue that incorrectly rejected some values for the "external_id" parameter.
  • [API only] Fixed a bug that temporarily prevented import of customers by incorrectly expecting the "state" parameter.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented credit card errors from being displayed in the app.
  • Fixed the MRR (Current) filter to include Lead and Cancelled customers in results.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing new users from joining an existing ChartMogul account.
  • Several fixes to stabilize the system and improve performance.
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