Metric: Free Trials

The Free trials chart reports the sum of new free trials over time.

You can view this metric at

How is it calculated?

Some setup is required to begin using this metric. Learn how to add a Free trial started at date to your subscribers.

Subscribers with a Free trial started at date in ChartMogul will contribute to this chart on the date specified under Free trial started at on their profile page. If a subscriber does not have a Free trial started at date they will not contribute to your Free trials.



If 10 subscribers have a Free trial started at date in May 2020, the reported Free trials count for May 2020 would be 10.

What analysis can be gained?

Tracking free trials enables you to measure your free trial volume to help you optimize your funnel. You can track the number of Free trials by specific groups with segmentation. For example, you can see which marketing channel leads to the highest number of Free trials.


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