Metric: Non-trial leads

The Non-trial leads chart reports the sum of leads who don't have a Free trial started at date. 

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How is it calculated?

Some set up is required to begin using this metric. Learn how to add a Lead created at date to your customers.

Customers with a Lead created at date and without a Free trial started at date will contribute to this chart.

If a customer does not have a Lead created at date they will not contribute to your Non-trial leads. Also, this chart will be empty if all your leads start as a free trial.


If 10 customers have a Lead created at date in May 2015, the reported Non-trial leads count for May 2015 would be 10.

What analysis can be gained?

Tracking Non-trial leads enables you to see how many potential customers did not start a free trial. If all of your customers start a free trial before paying, this metric would indicate how many customers were not successful converted to trial customers. You can track the number of Non-trial leads by specific groups with segmentation (requires MOGUL plan or above). For example, you can compare Non-trial leads by region, which might highlight that trial onboarding in a particular language or region could be improved.