Metric: Trial-to-paid conversion rate

The Trial-to-paid conversion rate chart reports the percentage of free trials that have converted to active paying customers over time.

You can view this metric at

How is it calculated?

Some set up is required to begin using this metric. Learn how to set up trial-to-paid conversion rate tracking.

This is calculated by taking all free trials created in a given time interval and calculating the percentage of those that have since become active paying customers. 


If 10 customers started a trial in May 2015 and 5 of these customers became active paying customers, the Trial-to-paid conversion rate for May 2015 would be 50%.

What analysis can be gained?

You can use the Trial-to-paid conversion rate chart to track the success of your onboarding process. You can apply filters to see the Trial-to-paid conversion rate for different groups of customers. For example, with Segmentation (requires MOGUL plan or above), the Trial-to-paid conversion rate chart enables you to see which channel or advertising campaign provides more qualified leads.

You can drill down into the data table to see a list of all the leads used in the calculation for a specific month by clicking on the cell showing the percentage. If you want to just see those leads that converted, you can toggle the status on the right-hand side to show you those with the status active.