Metric: Average sales cycle length

The Average sales cycle length chart reports the average length of time from lead creation date until initial payment.

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How is it calculated?

Some set up is required to begin using this metric. Learn how to set up leads & trials tracking.

The Average sales cycle length is the average number of days taken for a lead to convert into an active paying subscriber. This is determined by taking new active subscribers in each time interval and using their Lead created at date to calculate the Average sales cycle length.


If 10 subscribers started a trial on May 1st 2016, and 5 of these subscribers became paying subscribers on May 11th, while the other 5 became paying subscribers on May 21st, the Average sales cycle length for May 2016 would be 15 days (provided no other subscribers started a trial in May).

What analysis can be gained?

You can use the Average sales cycle length to predict the date on which a customer will convert to paying. By applying plan filters, you can see the Average sales cycle length of different groups of subscribers. For example, you could see whether it takes a longer time to convert leads to annual plans compared to monthly plans. 

You can use a number of other filters for a granular analysis using segmentation