Release Notes - Week ending 10th Feb, 2017 - NEW FEATURES


  • You can now view your chart data with a range of different visualization options! Switch any chart to a bar chart, stack segments for easier comparison, re-order segments, and choose the colors you want to get all new clear insights into your data. Read the announcement on our blog.
  • New API libraries to make integrating with the ChartMogul platform easier than ever! Read the release announcements for the ChartMogul GO client and Python client libraries.


  • [PayPal only] Fixed a bug that sometimes incorrectly showed errors in uploading PayPal billing agreements, even if the upload was successful.
  • [Recurly only] Fixed an issue with processing invoices in the pending and processing statuses, which resulted in late reporting of a customer's MRR.
  • [Stripe only] ChartMogul now correctly reports metrics for invoices in zero-decimal currencies like the Japanese Yen (JPY).
  • [Chargify only] Fixed a bug that incorrectly duplicated a subscription when the customer churned passively and then re-activated.
  • Fixed a bug that caused filtering by US regions to break when drilling down into data table activities.
  • [Chargify only] Fixed a bug that incorrectly reported the Customer since date, if the subscription purchase included existing one time payments and coupons.
  • [PayPal only] Fixed a problem that prevented PayPal imports from completing successfully when multiple currencies are used to bill a customer.
  • [Chargebee only] Customer metadata from Chargebee is also now imported along with customers into ChartMogul, for use with Segmentation features.
  • Several minor improvements to the UI.
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