Why is a customer missing in ChartMogul?

Customers are only imported into ChartMogul once they have either started a free trial for a paid subscription or once they have made a payment. Often when a customer is missing it is because we have not yet received the information we need from your billing connector that would cause them to be created on our side.

A few examples of triggers for customers to be created would be:

  • If you use the Google Sheets app or Import API, customers should be created as you send them, regardless of whether you add a free trial date or invoice.
  • Customers in Stripe, Braintree, Recurly, Chargify, PayPal, and Chargebee, will be reported in ChartMogul once they have been charged for a transaction, or if they have a subscription in a trial state.
  • Customers in App Store Connect and Google Play will automatically update in ChartMogul about once a day with new activity. 
  • Customers in GoCardless will be reported in ChartMogul if they were present in your GoCardless account at the time of the initial connection to ChartMogul, or if they have been charged for a transaction.

If there is a particular customer missing and you're unsure why, we're here to help! You can submit a request or send an email to support@chartmogul.com and we'll do our best to assist.

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