Release Notes - Week ending 31st Mar, 2017 - NEW FEATURES


  • It is now possible to edit custom attributes directly on customer profiles in the app. Under the Custom Attributes section on customer profiles, click on the Edit link next to the attribute you want to change or fill, and set the values. Once set, you can segment your customer base by these attributes and compare metrics across different segments. Learn more about using segmentation.
  • WHMCSMod has built an add-on to integrate the WHMCS billing platform with ChartMogul. This add-on brings the power of ChartMogul's subscription analytics platform to WHMCS customers. Read the announcement on our blog.


  • [Metrics API] Updated the List Customer Subscriptions endpoint to include external_id in the response, to allow for better linking and reconciliation across different systems.
  • Several improvements to the UI.
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