Release Notes - Week ending 12th May, 2017 - NEW FEATURES


  • You can now "zero" the y-axis on any chart so that metrics are plotted relative to zero. You can also choose the current behavior of truncating the y-axis for analyzing movements in detail.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented filtering by plan groups containing more than 1000 plans.
  • [Zuora only] Fixed an issue that incorrectly cancelled termed subscriptions before the term end is reached, resulting in several incorrect cancellations and re-activations.
  • [Chargebee only] When cancellation events are removed in Chargebee, they are now removed from ChartMogul as well.
  • [API only] Fixed a bug that resulted in incorrect metrics when a prorated invoice was raised for re-activating a subscription.
  • [API only] The Import API now accepts timestamps in the future for events like subscription start date, subscription cancellation date, and payment date. While these events are reported on customer profiles, they do not impact aggregate metrics until the future dates come to pass.
  • [Zuora only] Future dated subscription events are now imported into ChartMogul and reported.
  • [Chargify only] Fixed an issue that prevented data from importing when there is an error with Chargify's API.
  • Several minor fixes and improvements to the UI.
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