Release Notes - Week ending 26th May, 2017 - NEW FEATURES


  • [API only] The ChartMogul API now has a new endpoint to Delete an Invoice. Deleting an invoice will remove all its line items and transactions, and the customer's metrics will be regenerated with the billing data that remains. This should help you keep ChartMogul in sync with billing systems where invoices are allowed to be completely deleted.


  • [Chargify only] Fixed an issue which sometimes resulted in incorrect MRR when a customer switched from a monthly plan to an annual plan with a prorated charge.
  • When selecting a time-range for viewing charts, there's a new shortcut named "Year to date" which will set the date range from the start of the current calendar year to today.
  • [Stripe only] Fixed an issue that prevented customers from being imported when subscription plan data is missing in old prorated charges.
  • Several minor fixes and improvements to the UI.
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