Release Notes - Week ending 8th Sep, 2017


  • No new features this week.


  • Performance enhancements on the MRR, MRR MovementsARR and ARPA charts.
  • [Zuora & GoCardless only] New improved native experience to setup and manage Zuora and GoCardless connections within your ChartMogul account.
  • [API only] Minor performance improvement on import of large data sets.


  • Renamed Non-recurring revenue to Non-recurring cash flow, because the charts report cash flow rather than revenue.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented customer attributes from being updated with auto-completed values on the customer profile page.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused incorrect display of numbers when switching intervals very fast on the charts.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in duplicate MRR Movements for some customers.
  • [Chargebee only] Fixed a bug that resulted in incorrect data being reported in some accounts.
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