Release Notes - Week ending 27th Oct, 2017 - NEW FEATURES


  • There are two new revenue recognition strategies that you can now use. Besides the three strategies already available, ChartMogul now allows users to split the billing amount into equal parts based on the number of months in the service period, and then recognize revenue at either the start or the end of each interval. Learn more about revenue recognition strategies at our help centre.


  • Minor enhancements to the heat maps, filters, and customer profile UIs.
  • Improved formatting of the Revenue Recognition CSV exports so that they are more usable out of the box.
  • [Import API only] The Import API now accepts negative amounts for taxes and discounts on line items in order to support use-cases where credit is issued to customers.


  • [Stripe only] Fixed a bug that caused incorrect reporting of MRR when the service period in a prorated invoice didn't match the subscription's service period.
  • [Import API only] Fixed a bug that was incorrectly reporting MRR for customers whose invoices had all been deleted.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented MRR Movements from loading on some customer profiles.
  • [Recurly only] Fixed a bug whereby revenue was incorrectly recognized twice when both a prorated credit and a refund was issued in Recurly for unused service.
  • [Chargify only] Fixed an issue that resulted in some customers being incorrectly reported as Past Due.
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