Release Notes - Week ending 24th Nov, 2017 - NEW FEATURES


  • It's now possible to manually edit the MRR reported by ChartMogul! This feature has been built to help fix reporting errors that stem from changes in how you bill your customers, and mistakes in billing that happen occasionally. This is the most requested feature in ChartMogul and we are very excited to be delivering this as a small Thanksgiving gift for our customers! Read the full announcement on our blog.


  • The CSV Export of the Customers list now contains a column named customer_net_payments which shows the Net Payments made by the customer.
  • Performance enhancements on the Gross MRR Churn Rate and Net MRR Churn Rate charts.
  • Performance enhancements on the CSV Export of the Customers list.
  • Performance enhancements on the Customer Churn Rate map for the B2C formula.
  • Performance enhancements on the Cohort analyses' activity drill-downs.
  • Performance enhancements on the Retrieve all key metrics endpoint on the Metrics API.


  • [Enrichment API] Fixed the Customer Search endpoint which was returning two customers instead of one, if two customers with the same external ID had been merged together.
  • [Recurly only] Fixed an issue whereby ChartMogul was incorrectly double-counting a reduction in cash flow due to a downgrade combined with a refund.
  • Fixed an issue which resulted in customers without subscriptions not being shown in results when filtering for MRR > is > 0 in the app.
  • Fixed an issue which was breaking the Customers List for some accounts.
  • Fixed an issue which was causing the Status > is > Lead filter to fail when applying it for the first time.
  • Fixed a bug with the Subscription Quantity data table which was reporting incorrect numbers in some cases.
  • Fixed an error that was preventing deletion of plan groups in some accounts.
  • [Zuora only] Fixed a bug which prevented billing data from being imported if the Plan name was longer than 255 characters.
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