MRR data editing

Read the announcement about these features here. Only Staff, Admin, and Owner user roles have access data editing.

MRR data editing enables you to connect customer subscriptions and manually edit MRR to make sure your data provides an accurate reflection of your history with each customer.

Why would I need to edit my data manually?

If you moved between billing systems, ChartMogul will visualize this data as two separate subscriptions. MRR data editing allows you to connect those subscriptions to remove the false churn/contraction originating from the customer deactivating in one billing system and activating in another.

Another use case is messy billing data coming through from your billing system. Manual MRR editing allows you to change movements that have originated from incorrect billing data.


  1. Using manual data editing tools
  2. Connecting subscriptions
  3. Editing MRR

Using manual data editing tools

Navigate to a customer's Monthly Recurring Revenue chart on their profile page to view the options to EDIT MRR and CONNECT SUBSCRIPTIONS.

Click and drag your mouse to zoom into a portion of the graph.

Double click the graph or select Reset Zoom to reset to the default zoom level.

Connecting subscriptions

To connect subscriptions:

  1. Click Connect Subscriptions.
  2. Select two or more subscriptions and click Connect. The most recent active subscription will become the primary subscription.

    After connecting subscriptions, you can toggle the primary one from the subscriptions list to reveal the ones connected to it.

  3. You can revert any changes that have been made by clicking Disconnect Subscriptions at the top right.

What you need to know

  • When connecting subscriptions, at least one needs to have been canceled.
  • When there is a space between two subscriptions that get connected, we will automatically smooth out the gap (see below). This 'removed gap' will now contribute to your MRR at the value of the canceled subscription. There is no upper limit to the space between the canceled and active subscriptions.
  • A subscription connected to the primary subscription that starts before the primary subscription will count towards the MRR.
  • From the start of the primary subscription, movements and the MRR from all connected subscriptions will be ignored.

Editing MRR

To edit an MRR movement:

  1. Click Edit MRR.
  2. Select the red handle on a movement and move it up or down to the appropriate MRR value. You can also input an exact MRR value into the box on the bottom right.
  3. Click Save changes to apply the modification.
  4. The graph will automatically reload when the changes have been applied.

This MRR chart shows the evolution of the customer’s MRR over time, along with the contribution from each subscription that the customer has.

  • There currently isn't a way to remove a data edit. However, you can change the MRR to the old or any other value.
  • Edited MRRs will show as a yellow point in the customer MRR chart. Hovering over this point will display the MRR edit made, the date it was made, and who made the change.
  • Re-syncing a customer will not remove any MRR edits
  • Removing and re-adding a source will cause all MRR edits to be removed.
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