Release Notes - Week ending 15th Dec, 2017 - NEW FEATURES


  • It is now possible to bookmark and share segmentation analyses on charts by copying and pasting the URL! ChartMogul now includes all the saved and unsaved segments that users have applied in the URL itself, so that it's easy to bookmark the URL to specific analyses, or share it with collaborators. This is the first of many features for saving and sharing analyses that ChartMogul plans to release in the coming months.
  • There's now a new filter for the Plan at the time of purchase. This filter lets users analyze customer data based on the plan they first purchased. This is especially powerful when applied to cohort analysis, as it can help analyze how groups who started out on specific plans evolve over time.


  • Improved the UI to indicate that Team Members cannot delete customers.


  • Fixed an issue that resulted in incorrect activity descriptions for some kinds of MRR edits.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in broken in-app notifications.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the is not present filter operator from functioning when applied to custom attributes.
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