Benchmarks, New Recurly Integration and other improvements — 17 January 2024

Last week, we launched ChartMogul Benchmarks, an on-demand and up-to-date snapshot of what good growth looks like for SaaS companies, allowing you to overlay your own performance and compare it with the rest of the industry.

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Benchmarks provide quick answers related to time to reach $1M, $10M, $20M ARR, average ARR growth rate by segment, and customer and revenue retention benchmarks.

ChartMogul uses real revenue data from over 2,500 SaaS companies worldwide to provide accurate and factual benchmarks for comparison. Learn more.

New Recurly integration

A new version of our Recurly integration is available to ChartMogul accounts created on or after January 11, 2024. The new integration provides direct access to our Data Platform to give you a better understanding of how your Recurly data is linked to customers, invoices, plans, and transactions in ChartMogul. As a result, you'll be able to comprehend how your metrics are calculated and gain a better understanding of the factors that are impacting your business.

We’ll be migrating all accounts to the new Recurly integration. We’ll send an email with details about the migration process soon.


Other Improvements

  • To facilitate a smooth migration, we introduced new API endpoints for notes and calls, and also enabled direct importing of contacts via CSV for ChartMogul CRM.
  • Support for discounts in CMRR forecasts has been fixed. It will only apply to new upcoming CMRR events generated.


  • We resolved an issue with the latest version of our Stripe integration where some subscriptions were unexpectedly canceled due to incorrect event order.
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