New HubSpot, Segment & Intercom integration, and Automations – June 4th, 2024.

Last week, we introduced new integrations with HubSpot, Segment, and Intercom, allowing you to automatically import customer and lead data into ChartMogul. This makes it easier to segment your data and get started with ChartMogul CRM. 

These integrations help you build a more complete understanding of your customers and unlock enhanced data analysis across both ChartMogul Subscription Analytics and CRM. 

Check out our guides to get started: HubSpot, Segment, and Intercom.



Now with Automations you can simplify repetitive tasks, reduce errors, and speed up processes. They trigger based on specific conditions you set, such as when a new customer record is created, an existing one is updated, or a duplicate record is detected. By setting specific conditions and actions, you can customize automations to fit your business needs. Learn more.


What can you do with automations in ChartMogul? 

  1. Consolidate the full customer journey by merging duplicate customer records
  2. Instantly identify and tag priority customers and ICP-fit leads
  3. Save time by routing leads directly to the right salesperson


Other improvements

The customer list now displays scheduled cancellations by showing "cancelling in xx days" for relevant active subscribers.


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