Creating a read-only API key with Braintree for added security

For added security, we recommend taking these steps to grant ChartMogul read-only access to certain parts of your Braintree account.

  1. Log in as admin to your Braintree account and go to Settings > Team > Manage Roles > + New Role.
  2. Give the role a name like Read-only.
  3. Uncheck all permissions except:
    • Transactions > Download Transactions with Masked Payment Data
    • Customer Management > Download Vault Records with Masked Payment Data
    • Recurring Billing
      • Download Subscription Records
      • View Modifications
      • View Subscription Plans
      • View Subscriptions
      • Search Subscriptions
    • Read-Only Access (ALL)
    • Search (ALL)
  4. Now go to Settings > Team > Users > + New user.
    • Give the user API Access
    • Assign the read-only role you previously created
    • Assign access to the merchant accounts (usually all of them).
  5. Now log out of Braintree and log back in as this new 'read only' user.
  6. Then go to Account > My User > Api Keys.
  7. Use these API keys in ChartMogul for added security.

Here are the rights you need to grant your Braintree user for ChartMogul to work:


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