Creating a read-only API key with Braintree for added security

For added security, we recommend taking these steps to grant ChartMogul read-only access to certain parts of your Braintree account.

  1. Log in as admin to your Braintree account and go to Settings > Team > Roles > + New Role.
  2. Give the role a name like Read-only.
  3. Uncheck all permissions except:
    • Transactions > Download Transactions with Masked Payment Data
    • Customer Management> Download Vault Records with Masked Payment Data
    • Recurring Billing
      • Download Subscription Records
      • View Modifications
      • View Subscription Plans
      • View Subscriptions
      • Search Subscriptions
    • Read-Only Access (ALL)
    • Search (ALL)
  4. Now go to Settings > Team > Users > + New user.
    • Give the user API Access
    • Assign the read-only role you previously created
    • Assign access to the merchant accounts (usually all of them).Screenshot_2022-06-15_at_5.08.19_PM.png
  5. Now log out of Braintree and log back in as this new 'read only' user.
  6. Then go to Account > My User > Api Keys.
  7. Use these API keys in ChartMogul for added security.



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