There seems to be a problem with my import, what should I do?

Data is importing slowly

Data imports can take anywhere between a few minutes to several hours, depending on the amount and complexity of data you're importing.

My import is complete, but the subscription charts are blank

If you're unable to view metrics such as MRR, ARPA, and churn rates, this could be because you've integrated with your payment processor. ChartMogul is only importing transactional data, used to generate cash flow charts. To use ChartMogul Subscription Analytics, connect the integration which manages your subscriptions or use an alternative import method.

My import failed

Review your billing system's integration guide to ensure you've followed all necessary steps.

When an import fails, ChartMogul may provide an error message in your source settings to help identify what went wrong.

For example, when the credentials are incorrect that ChartMogul requires to connect to your integration, you should see an error message. Correcting your credentials and setting up the integration again should result in a successful import.

If the error message is unclear or you need assistance, we're here to help! Just submit a request.

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