There seems to be a problem with my import, what should I do?

Data is importing, but very slowly

Data imports can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours depending on the amount and complexity of customer and invoice data being imported.

My import says it's complete but the subscription charts are empty

A primary reason for this could be that you integrated with the payment processor which would only pull in transactional data that would be visible in the cash flow charts. In order for ChartMogul to be used for your subscription analytics, you would need to integrate with the billing system that also manages your subscriptions. Alternatively, you could import your data manually using the Google Sheets App or Import API.

It says my import failed

Please ensure that you have followed the steps outlined in the appropriate billing connector article which can be found in the importing your data section of the help center.

When an import fails there is often a more detailed error message in your billing connector settings which should help identify what went wrong.

For example, if the credentials are incorrect that the integration needs to access your billing data, you should see an error that specifies this is the problem. Correcting your credentials and trying to set up the integration again should then cause the import to be successful.

In the event that the error message is not clear or if you need assistance, we're here to help! Just submit a request or send an email to

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