Adding manual customers

Manual customers are customers added using the Manual data source. They require a user to manually update their profiles with any subscription changes. Customers imported using a supported billing system will be updated automatically.

The manual data source is recommended when:

For larger datasets and more detailed reporting, add customers manually in Data Platform, import them using CSV, or build an integration using the Import API.

Here's what we cover in this article:

Key considerations

Before adding a manual customer, please review the following information:

  • Manual customers contribute to all reports and metrics, except for Gross Cash Flow and Net Cash Flow.
  • Create a manual plan. Only manual plans can be added to a manual customer to create a subscription.
  • Manual customers can only have one active subscription at a time.
  • Subscriptions added to a manual customer will be active until explicitly canceled.
  • Once canceled, manual subscriptions cannot be re-activated. A new subscription must be added.

Adding a manual customer

  1. Navigate to Customers and click NEW CUSTOMER.
  2. Select Data source > Manual.
  3. Add the customer's name (required) and any additional information you'd like to include. Once complete, click ADD.

Adding a subscription

  1. Create a manual plan.
  2. From Customers, select the profile of the manual customer.
  4. Complete the following information:
    • Plan — Select a manual plan from the drop-down.
    • Currency — The billing currency for this customer.
    • Amount paid — Final amount billed.
    • Quantity — Amount of subscriptions.
    • Subscription start date — Must be the present date or a past date. Future dates not accepted.
  5. Click Add. The subscription will be active until explicitly canceled.

Modifying or deleting a manual subscription

Navigate to the customer's profile and click Edit to open the Modify Subscription window.

Here, you can update the subscription to add the following MRR movements:

  • Churn — Click CHURN SUBSCRIPTION to cancel the subscription.
  • Contraction — Decreasing the amount paid or quantity for the subscription.
  • Expansion — Increasing the amount paid or quantity for the subscription.

Click ERASE ALL RECORD OF THIS SUBSCRIPTION to erase the subscription's historical data.

How MRR is calculated for manual customers

MRR is calculated using:

  • The plan interval ('day', 'month' or 'year') defined when you created the manual plan.
  • The interval count defined when you created the manual plan.
  • The amount paid when the subscription was added.

For example, a customer billed every 3 (interval count) months (plan interval) who pays $300 (amount paid), would have $100 MRR ($300 / 3 months = $100 MRR).

The MRR for a manual subscription will be reported in ChartMogul until the subscription is explicitly canceled.

Deleting manual customers

To delete a manual customer, navigate to their profile by clicking their name in the Customers table.

Click Delete. ChartMogul will prompt you to confirm the deletion. Once confirmed, the customer and their historical data will be deleted.

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