Adding manual customers individually

Many businesses have customers that they invoice outside of their subscription billing system. You can add these manual customers to ChartMogul and include their data in the charts and metrics.

How to add a manual customer 

How to modify or delete a manual subscription

How MRR is calculated for manual customers

How to delete manual customers

Limitations of manual customers

How to add a manual customer

1. Navigate to the Customers tab and click Add manual customer. Select Data Source > Manual and fill out all the relevant fields.Screenshot_2021-06-16_at_13.18.34.png


2. If you don't have any manual plans created yet, you can do so under Admin > Plans by clicking on Add Manual Plan.


3. To add a subscription to a manual customer, you can do so from the profile page by clicking on Add subscription.


4. After you complete the form and click on Add, the subscription will be assigned to the customer. The MRR from this subscription will now be added to your metrics.


How to modify or delete a manual subscription

You can also modify any active subscription that was added manually by navigating to the customer profile and clicking the Edit link.


In the Modify subscription window, you'll be able to make the following changes to the subscription:

  • Make changes to the plan, amount paid and quantity of the subscription. This will cause an expansion or contraction event for the customer.
  • Churn the subscription. This will trigger a churn event for the customer.
  • Delete the subscription. This will erase the record of the subscription (including historical data)Screenshot_2021-06-16_at_13.41.52.png

How MRR is calculated for manual customers

MRR is calculated from the plan_interval ('day', 'month' or 'year'), plan_interval_count and amount_paid.

E.g. if your billing period is 3 (plan_interval_count) months (plan_interval) and if the amount_paid is $300 (amount_paid), the MRR would be $300 / 3 months = $100 MRR.

The MRR for a manual subscription will run forever unless you explicitly cancel that subscription.


How to delete manual customers

To delete a manual customer, first navigate to the specific customer, by clicking on their name in the Customers page.

Next to the customer’s name, click the Delete button. You will be prompted to confirm the deletion - after this the customer will be deleted.



Limitations of manual customers

There are a number of limitations on what can and can't be done with manual customers:

  • Manual subscriptions can only be added to a manually added customer. You cannot add a manual subscription to a customer that was imported automatically from your billing system.
  • Manual subscriptions cannot be re-activated once cancelled. A new subscription needs to be added in order to represent a re-activated account.
  • Manual customers can only have one active subscription at a time.
  • Monthly recurring revenue (MRR) from manual customers will be included in all of your ChartMogul graphs and metrics, except for the Gross Cash Flow and Net Cash Flow charts.


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