How to connect Recurly to ChartMogul

 You will need to be an Admin to complete the following steps.

Adding a data source 

  1. In your ChartMogul account, head to Admin > Data Sources.
  2. Click on Add data source. 
  3. In the dialogue that opens, enter a name for your connection into the Name field. 
  4. Click on the System drop down menu and select Recurly
  5. Click on Next to continue. 


Add a webhook to enable real-time reporting

Recurly now supports multiple web hooks
  1. In ChartMogul under Admin > Data Sources > Recurly > Webhook URL , you will see a Recurly webhook URL which looks similar to this:
  2. From your Recurly account sidebar select Developers > Webhooks 

  3. Click on the Configure button and on New endpoint once the next page loaded.  

  4.  Paste in your Webhook URL (you can leave HTTP Auth Username & Password with the defaults)

  5. Hit Save changes, to complete the webhook setup. 



Import your historical data


  1. In your Recurly account, select Developers > API Credentials from the sidebar. You will see a Private and Public key. Paste your Private key and Recurly domain into the available fields in ChartMogul.

  2. If your Recurly URL is then mycompany is your Recurly subdomain to input.

  3. Optional: You can create a read-only API key for added security. Click Read-Only when generating your Recurly API key.

  4. Click Save & Import Data. This will start your historical data import and connect your webhook. The import can take some time. Once the import has been completed, you’ll see your Recurly data in the ChartMogul dashboard.