How to connect Braintree to ChartMogul

You must be an Admin both in Braintree and ChartMogul to complete the following steps.

Adding a data source

  1. In your ChartMogul account, head to Admin > Data Sources.
  2. Click on New data source.add-new-data-source.png
  3. In the dialogue that opens, enter a name for your connection into the Name field. 
  4. Click on the System drop down menu and select Braintree
  5. Click on Next to continue.




Connecting Braintree 

For added security, we recommend following these steps to create a read-only API key in your Braintree account.
  1. Go to your Braintree Control Panel and from Account in the top menu, select API Keys.
  2. Select your Environment in ChartMogul (either Sandbox or Production), copy and paste your Public and Private API keys and your Merchant ID into the relevant fields in your ChartMogul account.
  3. Click on Save. Screen_Shot_2018-09-13_at_5.15.34_PM.png

Add a webhook to enable real-time reporting

It is not possible to create a new webhook in a Read-Only Braintree account.
  1. Go to your Braintree Control Panel and from Settings in the top menu, select Webhooks.
  2. Click New Webhook, then paste your ChartMogul webhook URL in the input field.
  3. Select the following options and then click Save.


Import your historic data

Click on Import Data. This will start your data import and connect the Braintree webhook to your ChartMogul account.

The import can take some time if you have many customers. You'll receive an email when it's complete. Once complete, you’ll see your Braintree data in the ChartMogul dashboard. ChartMogul will update automatically with any new activity from your Braintree account using the webhook after the import is complete. All webhooks received while the import is in progress will be queued up and processed after the import has been completed.