How can I fully erase and re-import my data?

If you would like to fully erase your data from ChartMogul, you can delete your data source. 

It's important to note that deleting your data source cannot be undone and will remove all data associated with this source including:

  • Customers, plans and invoices 
  • Custom attributes and tags
  • Merged customers and manual data edits

If your data was imported through a billing connector such as Stripe, you may not need to remove your data source. Many billing connectors have a re-import or sync button within their settings that will reset their billing data without having to first delete anything.

Custom attributes, tags, merged customers and manual data edits will be retained in the event that you re-sync your data rather than deleting your data source and setting up a new billing connector.

How to erase your data:

You can remove internal test data by heading to Data Platform > Data Source and click on your data connector e.g. ImportAPI and click on the "Delete this data source" button.


How to re-import your data:

  1. Click the data platform icon on the left menu to navigate to the Data platform tab. Alternatively, you can click the link mentioned below to directly move to the data platform tab -
  2. Add a data source by clicking Add a data source button in the Data Sources sectionScreenshot_2021-06-16_at_11.26.26__1_.png
  3. In the popup, select the system that you want to connect toScreenshot_2021-06-16_at_11.33.28__1_.png
  4. Once you select your data source type, enter a name for your data source and click on NextScreenshot_2021-06-16_at_11.36.26__1_.png

You would need to select your billing connector and follow the appropriate steps outlined in the dashboard.

Please note that imports can take anywhere from minutes to several hours depending on the number of customers and invoices you have stored in your billing system. You will receive an email when the import is complete.

How to re-sync your data without deleting manual edits:

  • Stripe, Recurly, Braintree, Chargify, Paypal

To re-sync the data in your ChartMogul account, go to the list of data sources, then click on your data source - e.g. Stripe and click on Re-sync Data or import button. This will do a fresh import from your billing system into your ChartMogul account.


If there is no import or sync button available in your data source, you will need to delete your data source and set it back up using the appropriate steps outlined in the integration guides. Using this method, all custom attributes, tags, merged customers and manual data edits will be lost.

  • Manually added customers (Google Sheets, ChartMogul UI, CSV Import)

- If your data was imported using the Google Sheets App and you need to remove and re-import your data, you will need to first delete your Google Sheets data source and then re-import the data using the app.

- If you created customers through the user interface, you can delete them individually by navigating to a customer's page in ChartMogul and clicking 'Delete'.

- If you imported your data manually via a CSV import, you can also delete these customers individually from their customer page or to mass delete all of your manually imported customers please head to Data Platform > Data Sources and click on "Delete all manual customers".

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