How can I erase and re-import my data?

To remove data in your ChartMogul account so it is no longer used to generate subscriptions and calculate metrics (such as sample data), delete its source.

If you'd like ChartMogul to re-import up-to-date data from your billing system, re-sync your source.

Here's what we cover in this article:

Erasing data

This action is permanent and cannot be undone.

To fully erase data from ChartMogul, delete your source. All data from this source will be immediately and irrevocably removed from ChartMogul, including:

  • Customers, plans and invoices
  • Custom attributes and tags
  • Merged customers and manual data edits

Here's how to erase data:

  1. Within ChartMogul, navigate to Data Platform > Sources.
  2. Find the source in the list and click the Settings  icon.

To delete customers in the Manual data source, follow the instructions for deleting manual customers.

Re-importing your data

To re-import data, follow the instructions for importing subscription data.

Manually re-syncing data

Re-syncing may remove data added manually in ChartMogul such as lead and trial dates, connected subscriptions, edited MRR, or merged customers. For more information, check your billing system's integration guide or contact support.

ChartMogul allows you to re-sync a customer profile or all data in a source.

If a customer does not have up-to-date information in ChartMogul (such as a missing invoice), update their profile by re-syncing data. Learn more.

Re-sync your source to have ChartMogul re-import up-to-date data from your billing system. If your source does not have the option to re-sync data, you will need to delete your source and re-import your data.

Here’s how to manually re-sync data when needed:

  1. Within ChartMogul, navigate to Data Platform > Sources.
  2. Find your source and click the Settings  icon.
  3. Click RE-SYNC DATA.

ChartMogul will start re-importing your data and let you know where it’s at with a progress bar.

If you need further assistance, please contact support.

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