Customer attributes


Customer attributes are data-points that can be used to filter and segment your customers. They can be metrics ChartMogul generates like MRR, tags that you add to customer profiles or customer attributes you add using the Enrichment API.


Tags and attributes added via the Enrichment API, Zapier, Google Sheets App or Stripe are visible on customer profiles in ChartMogul.


Default attributes

The default attributes that are available for use with Segmentation are:

  • Current MRR - Customer's current Monthly Recurring Revenue.
  • CurrencyCustomer's billing currency.
  • Data source - The data source the customer is associated with.
  • Customer sinceDate when the customer first converted to a paid subscriber.
  • Has discount - Whether or not the customer currently has a discount/coupon.
  • Subscription quantityNumber of seats/licenses that the customer is subscribed to.
  • # of active subscriptionsNumber of active subscriptions the customer has.
  • Last paymentDate on which the last payment was made by the customer.
  • Next payment Date on which the next payment is due from the customer.
  • StatusStatus of the customer, e.g. Active, Cancelled, etc.
  • MRR expanded - Date on which the MRR of the customer increased.
  • MRR contracted - Date on which the MRR of the customer decreased.
  • Churned - Date on which the customer cancelled.
  • Reactivated - Date on which the customer reactivated a previously cancelled subscription.


Attributes from Stripe metadata

For customers using Stripe, we also automatically pull in any metadata that you add to your customers in your Stripe account.


Zapier integration

Zapier is a platform which enables you to connect the services you use together, save time, and get more value from your data.

Our Zapier integration allows you to connect ChartMogul with 500+ apps on the Zapier platform like HubSpot, Pipedrive, Intercom,, and more. You can enrich your customer information with Sales, Marketing and Customer Success metadata from the other services you use, allowing for rich segmentation features. You can get started by using one of our shared zaps, or building your own


Using the ChartMogul Enrichment API to add additional customer attributes

The Enrichment API allows you to push external data about your customers into ChartMogul, which you can then use to segment your customers in ChartMogul do all kinds of new analysis.

For example, you could push the marketing channels where customers discovered your service into ChartMogul, allowing you to segment your customers and discover which channel produces the most Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR).

You can send customer metadata from any tool that you use for marketing, CRM, or even your own internally built systems or data warehouse. There is no limit to the amount of metadata you can send us and this opens of a wide variety of opportunities to segment your customer data.

For the technical details of how to push customer attributes to ChartMogul, please read the full API Documentation .

If you have suggestions for specific integrations, or would like to tell us how you used our Enrichment API, we'd love to hear from you at


Adding attributes to your customers from a Google sheet

The ChartMogul Google Sheets app allows you to add attributes to your customers directly from Google Sheets.

Learn more about importing customer attributes from a Google Sheet.