Release Notes - Week ending 8th Jan, 2016 - NEW FEATURES


  • Segmentation - You can now filter and segment your customers and view metrics and insights for those segments. Learn more about Segmentation.
  • With the coming of Segmentation, we have replaced the comparing regions feature with comparing saved segments instead.
  • Customer profiles now show tags, notes, and additional attributes. Learn more about Customer Attributes.
  • We now have the new Enrichment API for you to add metadata to your customers, enabling automated Segmentation.
  • We now pull information from Clearbit to enrich your customer data and enable Segmentation. If you signed up before Jan 6th, 2015 and would like Clearbit customer enrichment enabled for your account, write to us at
  • We now also pull customer metadata from Stripe to enable Segmentation.
  • A transaction history is now shown on customer profiles with more information on transaction attempts and items involved in the billing.
  • Four new graphs have been added - Gross Cash Flow, Net Cash Flow, Non-Recurring Cash Flow, and Refunds.
  • The graphs for Revenue and Non-Recurring Revenue have been removed.
  • There is now a link under Admin > Data load, which allows you to delete all CSV/manual customers.



  • Fix for issue relating to missing invoice in Stripe for some charges
  • Fix for issue relating to deleted plans during bulk import from Recurly
  • Fix for issue that resulted in some Chargify webhooks not being processed
  • Enhancement to allow amount paid of more than 1,000,000 for manual invoices
  • Fixed a bug relating to timezone and currency exchange rates, that was resulting in graphs not showing data for a few minutes 
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