Users & User Permissions

ChartMogul offers three user roles: Team Members, Admins, and Owners.

  • Team Members have read-only access to ChartMogul. They can't make changes affecting other users, can't access the Admin area, nor can they export customer data.
  • Admins have access to the Admin area and can make changes to your account affecting all users.
  • Owners have the same access as Admins in addition to the Subscription, Address, and Invoices pages in the Admin area. Owners can also regenerate API keys.

Here's a breakdown of each user role and its permissions in ChartMogul:


Managing users

Only Admins and Owners can add, update, and delete users.


To add a user, navigate to Profile > Admin > Users, then select Invite Users. Next, enter the user's name and email address, select a role, and click Send Invites.


To update a user's role or notification settings, navigate to Profile > Admin > Users, select the user you would like to update, and select the user's new role. Lastly, click Update.


To delete a user, navigate to Profile > Admin > Users, then click Delete in the row next to the user you would like to delete.

Changing the ownership of your ChartMogul account

Account Owners can transfer ownership of the account to any other Admin by visiting the Admin page, and clicking Make owner in the Users table.

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