This article explains the different types of users in ChartMogul and how to manage users.


There are three types of users in ChartMogul: Team Members, Admins, and Owners.

  • Team Members have read-only access to ChartMogul. They can't make changes affecting other users, can't access the Admin area, nor can they export customer data.
  • Admins have access to the Admin area and can make changes to your account which affect all users.
  • Owners have the same access as Admins in addition to the Subscription, Address, and Invoices pages in the Admin area. Owners can also regenerate API keys.

This table provides a breakdown of each user type and its permissions:ChartMogul User Roles and Permissions

Managing users

Only Admins and Owners can add, update, and delete users.

Adding a user

To add a user, navigate to Admin > Users, then select Invite Users. Enter the user's name and email, and select a role. Then click Send Invites.

Updating a user

To update a user's role or notification settings, navigate to Admin > Users, select the user you would like to update, and select the user's new role. Lastly, click Update.

Deleting a user

To delete a user, navigate to Admin > Users, then click Delete in the row next to the user you would like to delete.

Changing the ownership of your ChartMogul account

To request a change of account owner, please contact ChartMogul Support at