Release Notes - Week ending 26th Feb, 2016 - NEW FEATURES


  • There is now an option to use relative dates when adding filters. This allows you to create Segments like "Customer since - after - 6 months ago", or "Next payment - before - 1 week from now".


  • Fixed a bug that caused current month churn to show as 100% in the cohort analysis.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some customer records to be repeated in every page of the customers list, and in the customers list API endpoint.
  • [Stripe only] Fix for an issue that was causing pro-rated plan changes (from monthly to yearly billing) to show as Churn followed by Reactivation.
  • [Stripe only]Fixed a small issue caused when Stripe customers have only non-card payment sources.
  • Performance improvements for the Cohorts feature.
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