Metric: Non-Recurring Cash Flow

Total cash received that doesn't correspond to a recurring/subscription purchase. All non-recurring revenue will be reported in this graph, for example one-time payments such as sign-up fees.


What analysis can be gained?

This graph is useful if you want to view the portion of your gross revenue that is non-subscription based.


How is it calculated?

The chart shows Gross revenue from non-subscription/non-recurring sources.

  • Setup fees and one-time payments are included. Non-recurring add-ons are included but recurring add-ons are not.
  • Revenues from metered charges are included only if you have chosen not to classify these as subscription revenue.
  • Discounts, refunds and transaction fees are not deducted.

The chart data shows the total non-recurring cash flow per interval (day/week/month/quarter/year). The blue number represents the number of movements that contributed to that total. Underneath, we can see the percentage change from the previous interval.





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