API Resources

ChartMogul has three APIs: Import, Enrichment, Metrics. You can find the full developer documentation at https://dev.chartmogul.com.


Import API

The ChartMogul Import API enables you to programmatically import customer data into ChartMogul.

Import API documentation


Enrichment API

The ChartMogul Enrichment API allows you to programmatically add, modify, and access customer metadata in your ChartMogul account. We refer to this metadata as Customer Attributes.

Learn more about Customer Attributes

Learn more about Segmentation

Enrichment API documentation


Metrics API

The ChartMogul Metrics API allows you to programmatically access much of the data you see in your ChartMogul account. You can consume the revenue data for your whole account or a specific customer, and use this in an external application.

Metrics API documentation