Geckoboard integration

You’ll need to be an Admin in both ChartMogul and Geckoboard to set up this integration. Read more about user roles and permissions in ChartMogul.

The Geckoboard integration allows you to visualize your key metrics such as MRR, customer churn rate, and active customer count in Geckoboard. In this article, you will learn how to set up the integration and add a metric to your Geckoboard.

Add a Widget

1. Log in to your Geckoboard account.

2. Click Add Widget and then select ChartMogul from the list of Data Sources.

3. Select the widget that you would like to add. There are two choices: Line chart or Number widget.

Connecting ChartMogul

If this is your first time setting up a ChartMogul widget in Geckoboard, you will be need to enter your ChartMogul API credentials to create a connection. Create a new read-only API key and enter it in the API key field.

Screenshot of the Connect to ChartMogul dialog with the API key field.

Configure your Widget

To complete the set up, enter a Title, Metric, Currency, and Time Range for the widget. You can also change the Size of the widget, filter the metric by Country, and add a Secondary stat.

The choice of metrics includes MRR, ARR, Customers, Customer churn rate, MRR New Business, MRR Expansion, MRR Contraction, MRR Churn, and MRR Reactivation.

To add the widget to your Geckoboard dashboard, click Add widget.

You should now see your ChartMogul MRR reported on your Geckoboard dashboard. The widget will update every 5 minutes.

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