Release Notes - Week ending 11th Mar, 2016 - NEW FEATURES


  • When applying filters that have text values, you can now see a list of most used values, and the number of times they have been used. This makes it much easier for you to search and select an appropriate value for the filter.
  • When applying a filter using a custom attribute, you can now see the percentage of your customers who have a value for that attribute. This makes the filtering interface more informative and useful.


  • Fixed a bug with plan based filtering on the cohort analysis. When you apply a plan filter on the cohort analysis, instead of filtering based on customers' current plan, we now filter based on the first plan that they bought.
  • Fixed an issue relating to the leap day (Feb 29th), that caused the same week to be reported twice for some accounts.
  • Fixed a bug with the MRR (if cancelled uses MRR before churn) filter, that caused wrong results.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Billing cycle to be displayed as Monthly for plans with 3 month intervals. The Billing cycle is now displayed correctly as Quarterly.
  • Fixed an issue that caused saving segments with large plan groups to fail.
  • Fixed a bug with the Customer Retention cohort analysis, that caused customers who churned on the last day of the month to be reported wrongly as retained.
  • Performance improvements on the Metrics API.
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