Release Notes - Week ending 5th Aug, 2016


  • No new features this week.


  • The number of rows accepted in CSVs has now been increased from 10k to 20k .
  • Fixed a bug that caused refund amounts to be reported incorrectly in data tables.
  • Fixed a bug that caused sorting of activities by customer name to fail in data tables.
  • Fixed an issue that caused incorrectly reported MRR movements and subscription statuses, when multiple subscription events happen at the exact same second.
  • Fixed an issue that caused failure to load the data table on the Subscription quantity chart, when a plan filter was applied.
  • Fixed a bug that caused failure to load heat maps when a filter had already been applied.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users with the Team member role from adding and editing manual subscriptions.
  • [Import API only] Fixed a bug that caused invoice imports to fail when subscription cancellation dates were set in the future.
  • Several small UI improvements and updates.
  • Improvements to system stability, reliability and speed.


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