Data sources

You will need to be an Admin to complete the following steps.

This article explains how to add a data source to your ChartMogul account. 

A data source to import from can be a billing system, a database, an excel sheet, or any place you store your subscription billing data.

Admin users can access the data sources section in ChartMogul by navigating to Data Platform > Data Sources.

It's currently possible to add up to 100 data sources into one ChartMogul account.


Add a data source using Data platform UI

ChartMogul offers integrations for different billing systems. Please follow these steps to add a data source: 

  1. Click on the Data platform icon at the bottom left in the ChartMogul UI 
  2. Add a data source by clicking Add a data source in the Data Sources sectionScreenshot_2021-06-16_at_11.07.58.png
  3. In the popup, select the billing system that you want to connect to
  4. Enter a name for your data source and click on NextScreenshot_2021-06-16_at_11.10.10.png
  5. Follow the remaining steps for your specific billing system. 
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