Merging customers

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The merge customer feature enables you to merge duplicate customer records existing in ChartMogul into one record. You can merge customers individually from the ChartMogul UI or in bulk via our Merge Customer API endpoint

A common use case for when to merge customer records would be a customer existing in two different billing systems. This would result in a duplicate record of this customer when importing the data from both billing systems into ChartMogul. The customer merge feature allows you to consolidate the corresponding customers and their billing history. 

The following happens when merging customer records: 

  • The merged customer will have the UUID, email address, and location of the customer that they are being merged into.
  • Both customers’ external IDs, tags, custom attributes, and notes will be preserved.
  • Subscriptions, MRR movements, and transactions will be collated and ordered by date.
  • If the same custom field exists on the customer record that you are merging into, the field value of the target customer will be preserved and the one from the source customer will be lost. 
Merging customers is permanent and cannot be undone. 

Merging customers from the UI 

 A small number of customer records can easily be merged directly from the ChartMogul UI. 

To merge two customer records:

    1. Navigate to the customer profile that you want to merge and click Merge.mceclip0.png
    2. In the dialog that opens click on the field below "Customer to merge into". 
    3. We will automatically make a suggestion based on the email address or company name of the source customer that you can select. You can also search for the target customer manually by typing a search string into the box. Screen_Shot_2018-10-10_at_3.19.08_PM.png
    4. Once you have found the target customer to merge into, click on Next
    5. You will be asked to confirm once more that this is the intended customer to merge into. Please click on Confirm and merge to proceed. 

It may take a moment for the MRR movements table to rebuild. Once the process has been completed, you will see a notification at the right bottom saying "Customers merged successfully". 


Merging customers using the API

To merge a large number of customer records, you can do so programmatically using our Merge Customers API endpoint. You can learn how to do so in our Developer Hub



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