Release Notes - Week ending 7th Oct, 2016


  • No new features this week.


  • [Chargify only] Changed the way manual payments made in Chargify are reported in ChartMogul. Previously, manual payments correctly contributed to MRR, but also contributed to Non-Recurring Revenue as they were classified as non_recurring payments. Manual payments are now classified as subscription payments and thus contribute only to MRR. They will no longer contribute to Non-Recurring Revenue going forward. For the change to take effect on historical data, you will need to initiate a re-import from under Admin > Data load > Chargify by clicking on Import Data
  • Updated the customer profile page to paginate MRR Movements of customers if they have more than 20 movements.
  • Fixed an issue with the cohort analysis, that caused some customers to wrongly contribute to two different cohorts.
  • Fixed an issue that caused customer status to be misreported sometimes after merging customers.
  • [Braintree only] Fixed an issue that caused some refund webhooks from Braintree to not be processed and reported correctly.
  • Enhancements to improve reliability of the system.


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