Customer & Subscription Statuses

ChartMogul uses statuses to classify and organize customers and subscriptions. All customers in ChartMogul have a customer status. Additionally, customers who purchase a subscription for your product or service have a subscription status. Statuses are not customizable.

This article provides details on each status:

How does a customer’s status relate to the status of their subscription(s)?

Customer and subscription statuses in ChartMogul are quite similar for subscribers with one subscription: either Active (Subscriber), Past due (Subscriber), or Cancelled (Subscriber).

When a customer has multiple subscriptions, and one of the subscriptions is past due, ChartMogul classifies the customer as a Past-due Subscriber, regardless of the status of the customer’s other subscriptions. In this sense, Past-due Subscriber overrides the Active Subscriber and Cancelled Subscriber statuses when the customer has multiple subscriptions.

How do I update a customer’s status?

By default, ChartMogul classifies a customer as a New Lead. There are four lead statuses: New Lead, Working Lead, Qualified Lead, and Unqualified Lead. Update the lead status by navigating to the customer’s record and editing their details. Or, update the status of multiple leads with bulk editing. To ensure customers are classified and grouped based on the needs of your business, keep the criteria to update a lead status consistent within your organization.

ChartMogul updates a customer’s Active Subscriber, Past-due Subscriber, and Cancelled Subscriber status automatically based on their subscription (and MRR movements).

Customer statuses

ChartMogul has four lead statuses and three subscriber statuses. Customers with a lead status also includes those who have only made non-recurring payments and do not have any subscriptions.

New Lead

New Lead is the default status for customers. It applies to any non-paying business or consumer who may eventually become an active subscriber.

If you’re managing sales activities, use the New Lead status while researching if the lead is a good fit to purchase your product or service and determining if a sale is worth pursuing.

ChartMogul also classifies customers without Lead created at and Free trial started at dates, and who haven’t made any payments as New Leads. However, they aren’t included in the Leads and Average Sales Cycle Length charts until they have a Lead created at date.

Working Lead

Assign the Working Lead status in the initial stage of pursuing a sale. Depending on your business’ sales process, use the Working Lead status when:

  • You’ve first contacted the lead by phone, email, or social media and logged this activity in their record.
  • Waiting for leads to respond.

Qualified Lead

Assign the Qualified Lead status based on your business’ lead qualification criteria. For example, your business can use the Qualified Lead status when:

  • A member of your team has researched the lead based on the information provided during lead capture (geography, industry, website, etc) and deemed them qualified based on their findings.
  • A member of your team has a call to go through your business’ lead qualification framework, and deems the lead a good fit to purchase your product or service.
  • The lead responds to an initial outreach with interest in your product or service, for example, with pricing questions or a demo request.
  • An opportunity is added and the lead is actively evaluating your product or service.

Unqualified Lead

Assign the Unqualified Lead status when a lead is not a good fit to purchase your product or service, including when:

  • Someone within your organization completed the lead capture form.
  • The lead provided information (geography, industry, job title, etc) that disqualifies them from purchasing your product or service.
  • A member of your team researched or contacted the lead and deemed them unqualified.

Or, when a lead you’ve contacted is unresponsive to calls and emails.

Active Subscriber

A customer is an Active Subscriber when they have at least one active and no past-due subscriptions. The Free customer handling setting determines how ChartMogul classifies active customers who downgrade from a paid to a free plan.

Past-due Subscriber

A customer is a Past-due Subscriber when they have one or more past-due subscriptions.

Cancelled Subscriber

A customer is a Cancelled Subscriber when all of the customer’s subscriptions are canceled.

Subscription statuses


A subscription is Active when you’ve billed the subscription more than $0.00 in its most recent billing period.

Subscriptions are active until a cancellation event is created. If you’re using an integration, ChartMogul imports cancellations. If you’re using a custom source (e.g., when working with manual subscriptions or the API) or a Google Sheets source, you must cancel subscriptions manually.

Past due

A subscription is Past due when it has a past-due payment in its most recent billing period. The Handling Past-due Subscriptions determines whether ChartMogul changes the status of the subscription from Past due to Cancelled after a specified period of time.

Past-due subscriptions contribute to metrics and reports. Review the Guide section of our help center for more information on specific charts in ChartMogul.


A subscription is Cancelled when ChartMogul receives a cancellation subscription event or automatically churns the subscription as a result of the Handling Past-due subscriptions setting.


ChartMogul uses this status when it links two subscriptions. Read more about linked subscriptions.

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