Customer statuses

This article details the different types of customer statuses in ChartMogul and the differences between them.


There are three types of ChartMogul customer statuses: Lead, Active, and Cancelled.

Lead - The default status. It describes any non-paying business or consumer who might become an active customer in the future. Any customer who is not "Active" or "Cancelled" will have the status of "Lead". It also includes those who have made only non-recurring payments and do not have any subscriptions.

Customers that don't have any "Lead created at" and "Free trial started at" date set, and also don't have any payments made, will also have the default Lead status. However, they will not be included in the Leads and Average Sales Cycle Length charts until they are given a value for "Lead created at".

Active - Any customer who has at least one "Active" subscription will have the status of "Active".  

A subscription will be active if the customer has been charged over $0.00 for the current subscription billing period, or is in a dunning period. A subscription will remain active in ChartMogul until it is cancelled in your billing system. 

A subscription may remain active after the billing period ends if the customer fails to pay for their renewal and enters a dunning period, during which your billing system will try to bill the customer for their renewal. If the customer fails to pay for their renewal by the end of their dunning period, and their subscription is cancelled, their subscription will be reported cancelled in ChartMogul.Please note that the subscriptions of customers imported via the 

Please note that the subscriptions of customers imported via the Google Sheets app or Import API must be cancelled using the Cancel a customer's subscription endpoint or with a subscription_cancellation row in Google Sheets.

Cancelled - Any customer who has at least one subscription, and all their subscriptions are "Cancelled" will have the status "Cancelled".



Where can you see customer statuses?


  •  On the customer's profile page

  • In filters when filtering by Status



Customer statuses play an important role in our charts for leads and trials. If you are interested in leveraging these charts, learn more about what they offer and how you can set them up in this article.