Editing a customer

You can edit a number of customer attributes directly in ChartMogul. 

If you would like to edit multiple customers details then we recommend using our API endpoint to Update a Customer. 

To edit an existing customer's information:

1. Navigate to a customers' profile page and then click Edit. 

2. In the window that opens, you can add or edit the following fields:

    • Customer name  
    • Company name
    • Email address
    • Country
    • State (if country is USA)
    • City
    • Zip
    • Lead created at (New) 
    • Free trial started at (New) 
We recently announced the new feature for trial-to-paid conversion rates and lead tracking. You can now add dates for "Lead created at" and "Free trial started at" directly from the ChartMogul UI. 

3. To save your changes click on Update.

When using any of our 5 native integrations (Stripe, Braintree, Paypal, Recurly, Chargify), a re-sync will not remove any of your edits that you made. However, deleting the customer and initiating a re-sync will remove any edits previously made.