Release Notes - Week ending 19th Jan, 2018 - NEW FEATURES


  • All numeric filter fields like MRR (Current), Subscription quantity and any numeric custom attribute now support a BETWEEN operator. This provides more flexibility in filtering by allowing users to specify filters like MRR (Current) > is between > $300 AND $400.
  • Compare multiple segments anywhere in ChartMogul. This new update means that open segments appear everywhere, so you can toggle between segments without leaving your current view.
  • New chart animations now make the experience of switching between data sets smoother, and help you understand your data better in subtle ways. Read how on our blog.


  • The filtering UI now supports some basic keyboard functions for scrolling through attributes, selecting attributes, and escaping the interface.


  • Fixed the Upgrade now button for trial users.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing some forms from functioning as expected in the app.
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly reported customers with status Past due as Active in the CSV Export.
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