Integrating App Store Connect with ChartMogul

You will need to be an Admin in ChartMogul and have the Admin or Finance role in App Store Connect to complete the following steps and initiate a data import from App Store Connect to ChartMogul.

Integrating your App Store Connect account

  1. Retrieve the reporter token from your App Store Connect account.
    • From the homepage, click Sales and Trends. 


    • From the left-hand side, click Sales and Trends Reports.


    • In the upper-right corner, click on the tooltip next to About Reports.

    • Click Generate Reporter Token.

    • Copy the reporter token. 
  1. Click the data platform icon on the left menu to navigate to the Data platform tab. Alternatively, you can click to directly go to the data platform tab.
  2. Add a data source by clicking Add a data source in the Data Sources sectionScreenshot_2021-06-16_at_11.26.26.png
  3. In the popup, select "App Store Connect"
  4. Enter a name for your data source and click on NextScreenshot_2021-06-16_at_11.36.26.png
  5. Enter the reporter token you've copied in step 1. Note that Apple Reporter Tokens are only valid for 6 months from the time they are generated. This will need to be updated periodically for the integration to continue updating automatically.
  6. Data import options - ChartMogul uses Customer Price from Apple's reports for calculating revenue by default. If you want ChartMogul to deduct Apple's fees and VAT before calculating metrics, then check the box next to Use Developer Proceeds instead of Customer Price for calculating MRR. You can also choose if you want to split subscribers per app. You can read more about this in this article.
  7.  If your App Store Access token has access to more than one account or vendor, you will be asked to choose which accounts and vendors to import data from. By default, ChartMogul will import from all accounts and vendors that the token has access to.
  8. After adding the Access Token and selecting all options, click on IMPORT DATA.

The import can take some time but its progress will be displayed on the same page.

Re-Syncing your data

Your ChartMogul account will automatically update about once a day with new activity from your App Store Connect account. You can also manually re-sync all App Store Connect data to your ChartMogul account if you wish. To re-sync your App Store Connect data with ChartMogul, navigate to the App Store Connect data source and click IMPORT DATA again.

What you need to know:

  • ChartMogul currently reports revenue only for iOS auto-renewable subscriptions.
  • Apple's CSV reports only go back for a year from the date of import. The historical revenue reporting will therefore be limited to a maximum of one year before the date of import. This means that older subscribers will be reported as starting their subscriptions in the past year.
  • If you re-sync your data anytime after the initial import, ChartMogul can only retrieve data from the oldest transaction included in the initial import up to the present.
  • If you have downloaded and stored the Subscriber CSV reports from App Store Connect for dates earlier than one year, and would like to have that data imported into ChartMogul, please contact support.
  • Apple's daily subscriber reports are sometimes delayed for several days. When a report is not yet published by Apple, ChartMogul will automatically check every day whether the report has been published. Once it is available, ChartMogul will import the data. Until then, there may be gaps in the reported numbers.
  • Apple does not guarantee that all same-day transactions will be included in the next-day subscriber reports. It is possible that these transactions may appear in future-dated subscriber reports and could cause some retroactive changes in your account.
  • Apple does not expose personal information of subscribers like name and email so ChartMogul will not have or report such information.
  • Apple does not expose VAT and transaction fee amounts. Therefore ChartMogul cannot report on these amounts or deduct them for revenue metrics. You can however, choose to use `Developer Proceeds` instead of `Customer Price` to calculate MRR when setting up your import.
  • ChartMogul is not accurately aware of subscription cancellations until the end of the billing period is reached, unless a refund is processed before then. ChartMogul will therefore continue to report those subscriptions as Active until the end of the paid-up billing period, which in fact results in accurate metrics.
  • Plan switches won't be reported as such but as cancellation of the first plan followed by a re-activation with a different plan because of limited data available in Apple's reports.
  • If a churned subscriber re-activates with a new subscription after more than half a year, a new customer is created instead of re-activating the existing customer in ChartMogul. This is because Apple itself generates a new random Subscriber ID for this subscriber. Such customers in ChartMogul will contain a tag called subscriber_id_reset for easy identification and segmentation.
  • Marketing opt-in periods are treated as extended trial periods. ChartMogul does not track it independently.
  • Subscription lapses, or gaps in paid subscription service periods, will be reported as cancellations followed by re-activations in ChartMogul.
  • If the user token has access to data from more than one account and/or vendor, imported customers in ChartMogul will have Account ID and Vendor ID as custom attributes to enable easy filtering and segmentation.
  • Apple sometimes does not send cancellation events on the expected day (most likely due to delays in charging users' credit cards). Therefore we added a 3 day grace period to wait for these to come through, rather than auto canceling customers when no new invoice or cancellation is received. This is why churn activities may be logged in the data table for days that have already passed.
  • App Store Connect Reporter Tokens are valid only for a period of 6 months from the time they are generated. If and when they expire, data in ChartMogul will stop updating. You will see an alert message in the App Store Connect data source in your account, to re-generate a new token and update it in ChartMogul, so that the reports can be brought up to speed again.
  • App Store Connect doesn't have any records for failed payments. Hence we are unable to track them in our failed payments chart for this integration. 
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