Metrics in Mac OSX menu bar

You can add your ChartMogul metrics to your Mac OS X menu bar by following these setup instructions. 

Download the app

BitBar is the app we'll use to add your metrics to your Menu Bar:

Add ChartMogul API keys

You can find your ChartMogul API Token and Secret Key under Profile > Admin > API (admin permissions required).

  • Open the chartmogul-menu ZIP file downloaded in step 1b, open the file in the chartmogul-menu folder with a text editor (e.g. TextEdit, Sublime Text 2, Atom).
  • Add your ChartMogul API Token and Secret Key to lines 11 & 12 of

Run the app

  • Open the Zip file downloaded in step 1a, then open the BitBar app.
  • In your Mac OS X Menu Bar, click BitBar > Preferences > Change Plugin folder..., then select the 'chartmogul-menu' folder. This should start the app. If this doesn't start the app restart BitBar.

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