Set goals with Targets

You will need to be an Admin to create or delete targets. 

Targets help you to keep track of your most important business goals directly in ChartMogul. You can set monthly, quarterly or annual targets for any metric in ChartMogul.

Creating a Target 

To create your first Target, simply click on the Targets icon in the bottom left navigation and then click Targets.



A modal will appear with instructions on setting up your Target.

Select the metric you want to track, enter your goal number, identify a time period and select a segment (optional).

Click Save to create your target. 



Once your Target is set up, click on it and you’ll be taken to its associated chart. Now you can see your current performance and understand how far you are from hitting your goal. Hover over the icon and you can view your progress and the time left until your deadline.



Your in-chart Target point will be red if you haven’t yet hit your goal. Once you’ve hit your Target, that point will turn green.  

Deleting a Target 

To delete a target, simply click on the Targets icon in the lower left navigation, then click on the delete symbol to the right of the target. 





Viewing Targets 

There are two ways to view Targets:

1. Users can go through the bottom left navigation to see a drop-down with a full list of current and past Targets.

2. Users can change their chart settings to show any set Targets by toggling the Show targets option to ON. Now, as users click between charts in ChartMogul, any set Targets will be shown on their related chart. 


Targets will be moved to Past Targets (located under your current Targets) once the set time period is complete. This gives your team a look into any historical targets and features the original Target, the time period covered and whether it was attained (or exceeded).







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