Will ChartMogul Revenue Recognition work for my business?

Compatibility matrix

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What you need to know

  • ChartMogul’s revenue recognition engine assumes that your fiscal year aligns with the calendar year.
  • Some prorated items don't have a service period. They are accounted for from the time of the charge until the beginning of the next subscription period.
  • The system doesn’t have a grasp of the probability of payments being made. 
  • Currently, the revenue recognition strategy selected will be applied to 100% of the payments received. This means that there are no accruals for refunds. This is how refunds are currently treated:

    1)If the refund amount is up to the amount of deferred revenue of the line item to which this refund belongs, then the refund is spread out according to your recognition strategy to the future only. The service period runs from the day of the refund to the end of the original service period to which the refund relates.

    2) If the refund amount exceeds the remaining deferred revenue of the line item to which this refund belongs, then: 

    a) any deferred revenue will be offset by the refund of the same value

    b) any remaining refund value will be recognized at the time of the refund

    Refunds will never affect periods that are already closed.